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The goal of this page is to connect people around the world.
All working for world peace.

Like the stars in the night sky each of us can add to the light. Consider what millions of people lighting just one candle could do to light up the night. By joining us you pledge to work for peace and freedom. Even in small ways we can each add our voices until there is a worldwide movement.

It's already begun. Hundreds of people are already using PEACE!~pass it on~ to sign their e-mail and guestbooks. That's the first step. Then pass that along to friends. Encourage them to visit this page and pledge to do the same. If we all then work in whatever way we can to support peace, the glow from our lights will fill the night. Peace isn't something you can keep for yourself. You have to share it. You have to ~pass it on~. If you don't have a web page of your own a great way to help promote this page would be for you to add a link here each time you sign a guestbook.

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